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Monitoring Docker - Version 5

Upgrade instructions

Upgrade from version 3 to 5

1. Upgrade application

Download version 5 from SplunkBase and upgrade it in Splunk. Or perform in-place upgrade if you have downloaded our application from the app browser in Splunk.

2. Upgrade collector

Upgrade collector in your configuration (compose file or any other way you deploy collector) to latest version outcoldsolutions/collectorfordocker:5.1.

Update your configuration:

  • Since version 5 we map docker root folder (/var/lib/docker/:/rootfs/var/lib/docker/) instead of containers folder (/var/lib/docker/containers/:/rootfs/var/lib/docker/containers/). This change allows us to auto-discover application logs.
  • Since version 5 we map all host folders under /rootfs inside the container. Verify how you map the folders, compare to our Installation instructions.
  • Since version 5 the default configuration file located in /config/001-general.conf instead of /config/collector.conf. If you used to override the configuration, please read the configuration page and update your configuration files.

Upgrade from version 5.0 to 5.1

Version 5.1 is a minor upgrade, that includes Performance improvements, Usability improvements, and capability of forwarding Network Metrics. For more details, please read Release History.

Network metrics are defined under input.net_stats (metrics) and input.net_socket_table (table of network connection). If you override indexes for various types of data, make sure to update these metrics as well.

About Outcold Solutions

Outcold Solutions provides solutions for monitoring Kubernetes, OpenShift and Docker clusters in Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud. We offer certified Splunk applications, which gives you insights across all containers environments. We are helping businesses reduce complexity related to logging and monitoring by providing easy-to-use and deploy solutions for Linux and Windows containers. We deliver applications, which helps developers monitor their applications and operators to keep their clusters healthy. With the power of Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud, we offer one solution to help you keep all the metrics and logs in one place, allowing you to quickly address complex questions on container performance.