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Monitoring Docker - Version 5


Predefined alerts

Available since version 5.2

Monitoring Docker application has predefined alerts, that help to monitor the health of your clusters and performance of containers.


Monitoring Docker: Collector Failed License Checks

Notifies if collector failed to check the license with the licensing server.

Monitoring Docker: Collector License Expiration (less than 14 days)

Notifies about license expiration.

Monitoring Docker: Collector license overuse

Notifies if in the cluster application sees more collectors than allowed with the license.

Monitoring Docker: Collector outdated

Notifies if the collector running in the system are outdated comparing to the application.

Monitoring Docker: Warning: container cpu is throttled

Notifies if a container is getting throttled for more than 20% of CPU. Consider increasing the CPU limits.

Monitoring Docker: Warning: docker runtime disk space is low

Docker runtime has less than 20% of disk space.

Monitoring Docker: Warning: high container memory usage

The container uses more than 85% of the memory given by the limit.

Monitoring Docker: Warning: high host memory usage

Docker host uses more than 85% of the host memory.

Monitoring Docker: Cluster Warning: high host CPU usage

Docker host uses more than 90% of CPU on average for the last 5 minutes.

Monitoring Docker: Warning: collectord reports errors in one or more pipelines

Collectord reports errors in one or more pipelines

Monitoring Docker: Warning: collectord has WARN or ERROR logs

Collectord reports warnings or errors

Monitoring Docker: Warning: Increasing lag between event time and indexing time in container logs

Increasing lag between event time and indexing time in container logs

Alert triggers

By default we show triggered alerts at the Hosts page at the very top. We populate this table using the rest call /alerts/fired_alerts/.

Alerts Example

Other triggers

You can find various alerts actions on Splunk Base to integrate Splunk with the messaging applications and services for managing incidents.

After installing new alert action, you can modify existing alerts to add more triggers.

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