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Monitoring Linux - Version 5


Verify configuration

Execute verify command to verify configuration.

sudo /opt/collectorforlinux/bin/collectord verify --environment linux --conf /opt/collectorforlinux/etc

The output will look similar to

Version = 5.12.270
Build date = 191031
Environment = linux

  + conf: OK
  + db: OK
  + db-meta: OK
  + instanceID: OK
    instanceID = 2N9ERP0D9SANAPL56IOQNBCJH0
  + license load: OK
  + license expiration: OK
  + license connection: OK

  Splunk output:
  + OPTIONS(url= OK
  + POST(url=, index=): OK

  File Inputs:
  + input(syslog): OK
    path /var/log/
  + input(logs): OK
    path /var/log/

  System Input:
  + path cgroup: OK
  + path proc: OK

  Network stats Input:
  + path proc: OK

  Network socket table Input:
  + path proc: OK

  Proc Input:
  + path proc: OK

  Mount Input:
  + stats: OK

  Journald input:
  + input(journald): OK

The output shows you a number of errors in the configuration, if there are any

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