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Monitoring Docker, OpenShift, Kubernetes and Linux - Version 5.22

April 22, 2024

Version 5.22 of our applications, configurations, and Collectord are now available. In this blog post, we will cover some highlights of the release.

Disk Stats Dashboard

Under Review->Disk Stats you can find a new dashboard showing statistics of the all mounted disks on the host.

Disk Stats

User defined Splunk outputs

We have received this feature request from a few customers, and we are happy to announce that it is now available.

User can define a Splunk output with the CustomResourceDefinition (CRD) SplunkOutput in their namespace. For example

apiVersion: "collectord.io/v1"
kind: SplunkOutput
  name: splunk-user-output-for-deployment
  token: 1a8b9c3e-7789-4353-821f-15b9662bac99
  url: https://splunk.example.com:8088/services/collector/event/1.0
  insecure: true

Similarly, to how you can reference the default Splunk outputs defined in the ConfigMap, you can reference them with annotation

apiVersion: apps/v1
kind: Deployment
  name: long-running
    collectord.io/output: splunk::user/default/splunk-user-output-for-deployment

Where you define it as splunk::user/<namespace>/<name>.

To use this feature, you need to update your configuration file and include definition of CustomResourceDefinition SplunkOutput.

Other significant changes

  • Monitoring Kubernetes and OpenShift application shows Pod Ownership, PriorityClass and Pod Requests and Limits in the Workload dashboard.
  • Added additional metrics CPU IOWait, Steal and Idle.
  • You can blacklist labels from forwarded metadata.
  • New diagnostic - CPU Vulnerabilities.

You can read all other changes and bug fixes in the release notes below.

You can find more information about other minor updates by following the links below.

Release notes

Upgrade instructions

Installation instructions

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