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Monitoring Docker, OpenShift and Kubernetes - Version 5.17

October 18, 2021

This release includes a lot of usability improvements for troubleshooting and configuring Collectord, and monitoring your clusters.

Using Cores/Milli-cores in the dashboards instead of percents

When we built the first versions of our dashboards, we used similar to the Linux top command values to show the CPU usage of the containers and pods. In that case, if one of the containers uses 2CPU cores, our dashboards will show 200%. However, with the time we have found, it isn't obvious for our customers, as they define the limits and requests with the concept of milli-cores (or cores), and it takes some time to adjust to the percent values.

With version 5.17 we have changed the values of CPU usage from percent to cores. Instead of showing 199% (almost 2 CPU usage), we now show 1.990 (almost two cores are used). We keep percents only when we show Usage relative to Requests or Limits.

CPU Cores

Resource Quotas monitoring

We have updated ConfigMap to watch the ResourceQuotas defined in the cluster and built a dashboard to monitor the usage. To use the Resource Quotas dashboard (under Review), make sure to configure watching those objects with ConfigMap. Please use the latest ConfigMap from the installation instructions to see how it needs to be defined.

Resource Quota

Update for the Clusters dashboard

We significantly updated the Clusters dashboards to include more information about the Limits, Requests, and Usage, so you can look overtime at the maximum CPU Limit or Usage and plan your clusters' capacity.

Resource Quota

License Server

Starting with version 5.17 you can point Collectord to the remote HTTP server to download the license key. That way, if you are managing more than one cluster, it takes only a change in one place to update the license on all of your clusters.

You can use a custom HTTP server or an instance of Collectord to distribute the license. Please read how to configure the license server in your environments by following the links below

You can find more information about other minor updates by following links below.

Release notes

Upgrade instructions

Installation instructions

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