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Monitoring Docker, OpenShift and Kubernetes - Version 5.5

January 24, 2019

The first release of the 2019 is out. We have addded support for AWS ECS services and Docker Swarm Services, and also a dashboard for reviewing quotas and limits for the Kubernetes namespaces and OpenShift projects.

Monitoring Docker - ECS and Swarm Services

If you are using Docker Swarm or AWS ECS as an orchestration tools, we have an update for you in Monitoring Docker v5.5. Under the Services you can find two dashboards, each for own orchestration tool. With these dashboards you will be able to monitor containers running on multiple hosts under the same service.

AWS ECS Services


Docker swarm


Monitoring Kubernetes Namespaces and OpenShift Projects

Under Review you can find a new dashboard, that will help you to review requests and allocations for the OpenShift Projects or Kubernetes Namespaces, and also review limits and requests for Pods running under these projects and namespaces.

Kubernetes Namespaces

You can find more information about other minor updates by following links below.

Upgrade instructions

Release notes

Installation instructions

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