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Monitoring Kubernetes - Release History

5.21.410 - 2023-10-16

Supports collectorforlinux version 5.21.x and below (see https://www.outcoldsolutions.com for latest configuration)

  • New dashboard for Collectord metrics
  • Added version=1.1 to all dashboard for compatibility with Splunk Cloud and pass AppInspector

Collectord updates:

  • Support for global replace configurations for Collectord, allowing to sanitize data before forwarding to Splunk
  • When both volatile and persistent journald destination exist, Collectord will identify which has the most recent data
  • Allow sending to Splunk more precise timestamps for the events
  • Allow sending logs to multiple Splunk HEC endpoints simultaneously
  • Collectord produces diag file without performance data, if flag --include-performance-profiles is not set
  • Performance improvements for an acknowledgement database
  • Improvements for the acknowledgement database on how long Collectord keeps the data by refreshing the state, if file still exists on the disk
  • Collectord verifies that only one Collectord instance can access the data folder, where Collectord stores its state
  • Add ability to send events with event_id, unique identifier for the messages generated from logs
  • Splunk output supports maximumMessageLength to truncate messages exceeding this size
  • Splunk output supports requireExplicitIndex to ignore all events that don't have explicit index defined
  • Weighted splunk output algorithm when multiple threads used
  • Collectord improves grace period for expired licenses allowing to bootstrap new nodes for 14 days
  • Collectord now reports source and source type for the events with incorrect index
  • Allow to specify multiple values for blacklist and whitelist for host logs
  • Bug fix: Collectord clogs the output with WARN messages about closed Splunk outputs
  • Bug fix: parse commas in the timestamps for logs
  • Support for licensing server
  • Support query in Prometheus URLs for metrics
  • Support of journald database written with systemd library 247+
  • Support for CPU based licenses
  • Support for cgroupv2
  • Support for arm64/aarch64 architecture
  • Upgrade Go language runtime to 1.21.3
  • Upgrade sqlite3 library to 3.43.1
  • Improvement for DNS resolutions of Splunk output FQDN
  • Export internal collectord metrics in Prometheus format
  • Forwarding internal collectord metrics to Splunk
  • In the diag include all open file descriptors
  • Allow to filter host logs with blacklist and whitelist
  • Support for blacklisting and whitelisting Prometheus metrics (significally reducing the indexing cost of data)
  • Support templates in the index, source and sourcetype
  • Allow to exclude indexed fields when forwarding to Splunk
  • Bug fix: Collectord can clog the output if cgroupv2 is used, and blkio is not enabled
  • Bug fix: Collectord can crash if default output.splunk is not configured, now it shows the error
  • Bug fix: cleanup the diag, exclude the real license key
  • Bug fix: collectord reports high CPU usage for just started hosts
  • Bug fix: include the values of whitelists and blacklists in diag
  • Bug fix: verify command does not respect glob patterns for Prometheus inputs (certs, tokens)
  • Bug fix: trim spaces in token value for Prometheus inputs
  • Bug fix: fix bug in prometheus metrics parser, empty fields can be filled with previous fields
  • Bug fix: better handle of connections to metrics endpoints exported in Prometheus format
  • Bug fix: http connections improvements for when Splunk is unresponsive
  • Bug fix: verify command can show incorrect error about verifying journald input
  • Bug fix: when event pattern is used for joining multi-line events, the error can not be showed if raised by the input in pipeline.
  • Bug fix: reduce warnings failed to get the new event in pipeline - submitted

5.12.272 - 2019-11-08

Collectord updates:

  • Bug fix: in case when the rotated files are reusing FileID/DevID Collectord stops forwarding rotated files

5.12.271 - 2019-11-07

Collectord updates:

  • Bug fix: when event pattern is used for joining multi-line events, the error can not be showed if raised by the input in pipeline.
  • Bug fix: reduce warnings failed to get the new event in pipeline - submitted
  • Stability improvements

5.12.270 - 2019-10-22

  • Initial release

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