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March 10, 2018

We are happy to welcome you to the blog of our company Outcold Solutions. We are a small company, co-founded by two engineers. Our company focuses on building powerful Splunk applications for monitoring and log forwarding from Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift clusters. One of the co-founders worked at Splunk, and he is the original author of Splunk Logging Driver and Splunk Docker Images. You can follow him on Denis Gladkikh (@outcoldman).

In this blog we will share not only news, most interesting use cases and best practices about our products, but also how we develop our applications for Splunk, tools we use (Docker of course) and how we automate our builds.

We will share with you our knowledge about Splunk and other logging solutions, including ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana).

Some examples of the blog posts we are planning to write soon:

  • Splunk Docker image: past, current, and future. We will share with you a story about why Splunk Docker image was built in the way it built. What influenced this image. Also, we will discuss and propose some ideas how we can improve and develop the second version of Splunk Docker image.
  • ELK vs. Splunk. Deep dive into two solutions. Compare storage engines, the story behind the products, compare components, offering and share our knowledge how to keep both systems healthy.
  • Developing Splunk applications in Docker container. We will share with you how we build our applications in Docker, what we have learned and some scripts.
  • Series of blog posts on how to run Splunk clusters in Docker, OpenShift, and Kubernetes.
  • And of course best practices of using our solutions, most common and interesting use cases.

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About Outcold Solutions

Outcold Solutions provides solutions for monitoring Kubernetes, OpenShift and Docker clusters in Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud. We offer certified Splunk applications, which give you insights across all containers environments. We are helping businesses reduce complexity related to logging and monitoring by providing easy-to-use and deploy solutions for Linux and Windows containers. We deliver applications, which help developers monitor their applications and operators to keep their clusters healthy. With the power of Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud, we offer one solution to help you keep all the metrics and logs in one place, allowing you to quickly address complex questions on container performance.