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Monitoring OpenShift - Version 5

Splunk fields extraction for container logs

For the container logs, forwarded by the collector, it is possible to specify field extractions rules, specific for image names, container names, or combination of them.

All container logs have source format, which includes container ID, container name, image name, pod name, namespace, and stream.


Using this knowledge you can create field extraction rules for specific image or container, also including glob patterns, using wildcards and ... for skipping multiple parts of the path.

As an example, you can specify field extraction for nginx container in props.conf using a wildcard character for the container ID, container name, and docker stream. This field extraction applies to all containers created from the nginx docker image.

EXTRACT-nginx-ingress-controller-http = ^(?P&lt;remote_addr&gt;[^ ]+)\s+\-\s+\[(?P&lt;proxy_add_x_forwarded_for&gt;[^\]]+)\]\s+\-\s+(?P&lt;remote_user&gt;[^ ]+)\s+\[(?P&lt;time_local&gt;[^\]]+)[^"\n]*"(?P&lt;request&gt;[^"]+)"\s+(?P&lt;status&gt;\d+)\s+(?P&lt;body_bytes_sent&gt;\d+)\s+"(?P&lt;http_referer&gt;[^"]+)"\s+"(?P&lt;http_user_agent&gt;[^"]+)"\s+(?P&lt;request_length&gt;\d+)\s+(?P&lt;request_time&gt;[^ ]+)\s+\[(?P&lt;proxy_upstream_name&gt;[^\]]+)]\s+(?P&lt;upstream_addr&gt;[^\s]+)\s+(?P&lt;upstream_response_length&gt;\d+)\s+(?P&lt;upstream_response_time&gt;[^\s]+)\s+(?P&lt;upstream_status&gt;\d+)$</code></pre>

Also, you can also override source and source type with annotations. See Splunk Indexes.

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