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Monitoring Docker, OpenShift and Kubernetes - Version 5.15

June 1, 2020

This release includes a lot of minor improvements for stability and usability and several new features. We will highlight just a few of them. For the full list please go to the release notes (links below this page).

Whitelists and blacklists for Prometheus metrics

With the new feature allowing you to define whitelist and blacklist for metrics exported in Prometheus format you can significally reduce number of metrics forwarded to Splunk. Allowing you to reduce the indexing cost, reduce the storage and improve overall performance. We have updated our configuration files to include only metrics that we use in our dashboards for the endpoints that we monitor out of the box.

If you are forwarding metrics using annotations, you can also define a regexp pattern as a whitelist of blacklist to include only metrics that you are interested in.

New annotations for Collectord

Now you can configure any custom fields, that you want to be forwarded with your events in Splunk. You can configure these annotations as collectord.io/userfields.team=team-a to forward all events from a specific namespace or pod with the pre-indexed field team and value team-a. You can configure these fields only for logs, as collectord.io/logs-userfields.team=team-a.

Support for Kubernetes 1.18+ and OpenShift 4.5+

A lot of metrics has been depricated with Kubernetes 1.18 (see github.com/kubernetes/kubernetes/pull/76496). We have updated our dashboards to support new metrics and be able to use old metrics as well.

OpenShift 4.4 is built on top of Kubernetes 1.17, and we are guessing that 4.5 will be built on top of Kubernetes 1.18.

Old versions of deployment configs for Kubernetes and OpenShift are published on GitHub

You can find all versions of deployments started from 5.0 in our GitHub repository github.com/outcoldsolutions/collectord-configurations. That way you can track all the changes and be able to use old configurations if you need them.

You can find more information about other minor updates by following links below.

Release notes

Upgrade instructions

Installation instructions

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