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Monitoring Docker, OpenShift and Kubernetes - Version 5.8 - Usability improvements and bug fixes

April 22, 2019

With version 5.8 we include usability improvements for dashboards and various bug fixes.

Multiselection on Dashboards

With the multiselection and custom values you can easily filter data on dashboards, by including multiple namespaces and wildcard filters.



Most of the dashboards, including events and container logs now allow you to easily select multiple filters, and include wildcard-type filters.

Critical pods and PriorityClass for Kubernetes and OpenShift

We have updated our configuration and included scheduler.alpha.kubernetes.io/critical-pod: '' annotation for Kubernetes versions below 1.14 and OpenShift version below 3.11. For Kubernetes 1.14 and OpenShift 3.11 we added a PriorityClass with the value below cluster and node critical pods.

That adds a Guaranteed Scheduling for collectord pods, to make sure that you can collect metrics and logs in any critical situation.

For details please review configuration for OpenShift and Kubernetes

You can find more information about other minor updates by following links below.

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