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Monitoring OpenShift and Kubernetes - Version 4 (Audit Logs and Prometheus metrics)

May 17, 2018

At Red Hat Summit 2018 we presented our next version of application Monitoring OpenShift in Splunk. We are happy to announce GA of Version 4 of Monitoring OpenShift and Kubernetes. These applications are certified by Splunk now, and they are available on SplunkBase.

Version 4 brings two significant features: Audit logs and control plane monitoring (etcd clusters, Kubelets, controllers, and API servers).

Our solutions now the most complete suites for monitoring Kubernetes clusters, that allows developers to monitor their applications and operator to monitor the health of their clusters. With the power of Splunk, application developers can build more complicated dashboards specific for their applications. And operators can diagnose the health of their clusters.

Installation instructions

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The most notable new features are Audit Logs and Prometheus metrics, but there are a lot of small usability improvements and big performance improvements.

Audit Logs

By enabling advanced Audit Logs in Kubernetes or OpenShift you will be able to use our dashboard, that will help you to answer on questions when and who modified specified objects, who has access to the view them, and from where.

Audit Logs

To learn more about how to enable advanced audit logs, follow these links

Control plane monitoring

Version 4 of our collector brings capabilities of forwarding metrics from Prometheus format directly to Splunk. That allows us to monitor control plane, including etcd clusters, Kubelets, API Servers, and controllers.

Example of the dashboard for monitoring etcd cluster in Monitoring OpenShift

etcd cluster monitoring in Splunk

Example of the dashboard for monitoring kubelets in Monitoring Kubernetes

etcd cluster monitoring in Splunk

To learn more about how to enable Prometheus metrics, follow these links

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